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Is a firearm really the answer?

You are the proud owner of a firearm.

  • Will you be capable of using it in an attack situation?
  • Are you sure you are mentally ready to get involved in a gunfight?
  • Are you mentally prepared to take a human life?
  • Are you familiar with the legal implications of carrying, pointing and using that firearm?
  • Is your gun under lock and key in your safe, or ready for use? When last did you practice with it?
  • Have you had sufficient training to handle a risk situation?

And although we are firearm owners ourselves, we truly believe that the Defender gasgun is an excellent alternative to firearms, or even an excellent add-on to your personal arsenal. The Defender have been used with success against armed farm attackers, against poachers, by security companies and is the primary weapon of our own SCS Teams doing farm safety.

Advantages of Defender gas guns for self defense:

  • No reason to hesitate to shoot to defend yourself – it is less lethal
  • No need to practise mag changes – this gun has capacity
  • Very little recoil makes it quick to get on target
  • No need to keep it in a safe – it can always be at hand
  • No excuse not to practice – ammunition is VERY affordable
  • Can effectively and effortlessly be used by women and children
  • No license required

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Tactical Training

Unlike most companies, we not only sell the kit, but we also train you in the correct use of the kit we sell, as we use the same kit in our SCS Teams.


Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions

Not a Toy

These are not toy plastic guns.They are used as less lethal weapons by Police Forces around the world. Read below how these guns pertain to the law.

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Empower yourself to protect what’s yours and live without anxiety and fear of an attack, knowing that you are responsibly ready to avoid and, when unavoidable, deal with an attack – swiftly, professionally, and in the most responsible law abiding manner.