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Glock Knives

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(A) We have a specialised group of operators who handles active farm defence.

(B) All the tactical equipment you can buy from us is thoroughly tested by our operators on the farms. This means we only sell high quality equipment and we can also give best advise on what works. We also sell a host of related equipment, such as less than lethal gas guns, knives, tactical torches, self defense tools and bullet proof protection

(C) Our training courses can be tailor made to suit your needs but we offer training in various areas – from farm safety, mine security, tactical combatives, self defence concepts, knife defence, pepperspray, anti-rape and awareness training to name a few.

Tactical Training

Unlike most companies, we not only sell the kit, but we also train you in the correct use of the kit we sell, as we use the same kit in our SCS Teams.


Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions

Not a Toy

These are not toy plastic guns.They are used as less lethal weapons by Police Forces around the world. Read below how these guns pertain to the law.

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