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Defender Gun Kits


The Fortis Defender range is our very own unique product.The best all round gasgun on the market for home defence, self defence, security companies and more. This is our Flagship product and has taken a lot of research and development to ensure the complete package is made for the job. All kits include gun, gas, magazine, pepper ammo and practice ammo

Handgun kits


The handguns we sell are solely sold for people wanting a handgun alternative. We still propose using one of the Defenders as these give you a much larger ammo and gas capacity.


We are striving continuously to develop the ultimate gasgun for all round situations, making a reliable, easy to use, compact, light weight weapon that can be used by men, women and children alike to defend themselves, their loved ones or their homes. This is what the defender is.

Tactical Training

Unlike most companies, we not only sell the kit, but we also train you in the correct use of the kit we sell, as we use the same kit in our SCS Teams.


Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions

Not a Toy

These are not toy plastic guns.They are used as less lethal weapons by Police Forces around the world. Read below how these guns pertain to the law.

Read The Law

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